Temporal Segmentation of Egocentric Videos

Yair Poleg, Chetan Arora, Shmuel Peleg; Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), 2014, pp. 2537-2544


The use of wearable cameras makes it possible to record life logging egocentric videos. Browsing such long unstructured videos is time consuming and tedious. Segmentation into meaningful chapters is an important first step towards adding structure to egocentric videos, enabling efficient browsing, indexing and summarization of the long videos. Two sources of information for video segmentation are (i) the motion of the camera wearer, and (ii) the objects and activities recorded in the video. In this paper we address the motion cues for video segmentation. Motion based segmentation is especially difficult in egocentric videos when the camera is constantly moving due to natural head movement of the wearer. We propose a robust temporal segmentation of egocentric videos into a hierarchy of motion classes using a new Cumulative Displacement Curves. Unlike instantaneous motion vectors, segmentation using integrated motion vectors performs well even in dynamic and crowded scenes. No assumptions are made on the underlying scene structure and the method works in indoor as well as outdoor situations. We demonstrate the effectiveness of our approach using publicly available videos as well as choreographed videos. We also suggest an approach to detect the fixation of wearer's gaze in the walking portion of the egocentric videos.

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