PatchMatch Based Joint View Selection and Depthmap Estimation

Enliang Zheng, Enrique Dunn, Vladimir Jojic, Jan-Michael Frahm; Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), 2014, pp. 1510-1517


We propose a multi-view depthmap estimation approach aimed at adaptively ascertaining the pixel level data associations between a reference image and all the elements of a source image set. Namely, we address the question, what aggregation subset of the source image set should we use to estimate the depth of a particular pixel in the reference image? We pose the problem within a probabilistic framework that jointly models pixel-level view selection and depthmap estimation given the local pairwise image photoconsistency. The corresponding graphical model is solved by EM-based view selection probability inference and PatchMatch-like depth sampling and propagation. Experimental results on standard multi-view benchmarks convey the state-of-the art estimation accuracy afforded by mitigating spurious pixel level data associations. Additionally, experiments on large Internet crowd sourced data demonstrate the robustness of our approach against unstructured and heterogeneous image capture characteristics. Moreover, the linear computational and storage requirements of our formulation, as well as its inherent parallelism, enables an efficient and scalable GPU-based implementation.

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