The S-Hock Dataset: Analyzing Crowds at the Stadium

Davide Conigliaro, Paolo Rota, Francesco Setti, Chiara Bassetti, Nicola Conci, Nicu Sebe, Marco Cristani; Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), 2015, pp. 2039-2047


The topic of crowd modeling in computer vision usually assumes a single generic typology of crowd, which is very simplistic. In this paper we adopt a taxonomy that is widely accepted in sociology, focusing on a particular category, the spectator crowd, which is formed by people "interested in watching something specific that they came to see". This can be found at the stadiums, amphitheaters, cinema, etc. In particular, we propose a novel dataset, the Spectators Hockey (S-Hock), which deals with 4 hockey matches during an international tournament. In the dataset, a massive annotation has been carried out, focusing on the spectators at different levels of details: at a higher level, people have been labeled depending on the team they are supporting and the fact that they know the people close to them; going to the lower levels, standard pose information has been considered (regarding the head, the body) but also fine grained actions such as hands on hips, clapping hands etc. The labeling focused on the game field also, permitting to relate what is going on in the match with the crowd behavior. This brought to more than 100 millions of annotations, useful for standard applications as people counting and head pose estimation but also for novel tasks as spectator categorization. For all of these we provide protocols and baseline results, encouraging further research.

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