Logistic Boosting Regression for Label Distribution Learning

Chao Xing, Xin Geng, Hui Xue; Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), 2016, pp. 4489-4497


Label Distribution Learning (LDL) is a general learning framework which includes both single label and multi-label learning as its special cases. One of the main assumptions made in traditional LDL algorithms is the derivation of the parametric model as the maximum entropy model. While it is a reasonable assumption without additional information, there is no particular evidence supporting it in the problem of LDL. Alternatively, using a general LDL model family to approximate this parametric model can avoid the potential influence of the specific model. In order to learn this general model family, this paper uses a method called Logistic Boosting Regression (LogitBoost) which can be seen as an additive weighted function regression from the statistical viewpoint. For each step, we can fit individual weighted regression function (base learner) to realize the optimization gradually. The base learners are chosen as weighted regression tree and vector tree, which constitute two algorithms named LDLogitBoost and AOSO-LDLogitBoost in this paper. Experiments on facial expression recognition, crowd opinion prediction on movies and apparent age estimation show that LDLogitBoost and AOSO-LDLogitBoost can achieve better performance than traditional LDL algorithms as well as other LogitBoost algorithms.

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