Weakly Supervised Facial Analysis With Dense Hyper-Column Features

Chenchen Zhu, Yutong Zheng, Khoa Luu, T. Hoang Ngan Le, Chandrasekhar Bhagavatula, Marios Savvides; Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) Workshops, 2016, pp. 25-33


Weakly supervised methods have recently become one of the most popular machine learning methods since they are able to be used on large-scale datasets without the critical requirement of richly annotated data. In this paper, we present a novel, self-taught, discriminative facial feature analysis approach in the weakly supervised framework. Our method can find regions which are discriminative across classes yet consistent within a class and can solve many face related problems. The proposed method first trains a deep face model with high discriminative capability to extract facial features. The hypercolumn features are then used to give pixel level representation for better classification performance along with discriminative region detection. In addition, calibration approaches are proposed to enable the system to deal with multi-class and mixed-class problems. The system is also able to detect multiple discriminative regions from one image. Our uniform method is able to achieve competitive results in various face analysis applications, such as occlusion detection, face recognition, gender classification, twins verification and facial attractiveness analysis.

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