Latent Multi-View Subspace Clustering

Changqing Zhang, Qinghua Hu, Huazhu Fu, Pengfei Zhu, Xiaochun Cao; Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), 2017, pp. 4279-4287


In this paper, we propose a novel Latent Multi-view Subspace Clustering (LMSC) method, which clusters data points with latent representation and simultaneously explores underlying complementary information from multiple views. Unlike most existing single view subspace clustering methods that reconstruct data points using original features, our method seeks the underlying latent representation and simultaneously performs data reconstruction based on the learned latent representation. With the complementarity of multiple views, the latent representation could depict data themselves more comprehensively than each single view individually, accordingly makes subspace representation more accurate and robust as well. The proposed method is intuitive and can be optimized efficiently by using the Augmented Lagrangian Multiplier with Alternating Direction Minimization (ALM-ADM) algorithm. Extensive experiments on benchmark datasets have validated the effectiveness of our proposed method.

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