Synthesizing Images of Humans in Unseen Poses

Guha Balakrishnan, Amy Zhao, Adrian V. Dalca, Frédo Durand, John Guttag; Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), 2018, pp. 8340-8348


We address the computational problem of novel human pose synthesis. Given an image of a person and a desired pose, we produce a depiction of that person in that pose, retaining the appearance of both the person and background. We present a modular generative neural network that synthesizes unseen poses using training pairs of images and poses taken from human action videos. Our network separates a scene into different body part and background layers, moves body parts to new locations and refines their appearances, and composites the new foreground with a hole-filled background. These subtasks, implemented with separate modules, are trained jointly using only a single target image as a supervised label. We use an adversarial discriminator to force our network to synthesize realistic details conditioned on pose. We demonstrate image synthesis results on three action classes: golf, yoga/workouts and tennis, and show that our method produces accurate results within action classes as well as across action classes. Given a sequence of desired poses, we also produce coherent videos of actions.

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