PU-Net: Point Cloud Upsampling Network

Lequan Yu, Xianzhi Li, Chi-Wing Fu, Daniel Cohen-Or, Pheng-Ann Heng; Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), 2018, pp. 2790-2799


Learning and analyzing 3D point clouds with deep networks is challenging due to the sparseness and irregularity of the data. In this paper, we present a data-driven point cloud upsampling technique. The key idea is to learn multi-level features per point and expand the point set via a multi-branch convolution unit implicitly in feature space. The expanded feature is then split to a multitude of features, which are then reconstructed to an upsampled point set. Our network is applied at a patch-level, with a joint loss function that encourages the upsampled points to remain on the underlying surface with a uniform distribution. We conduct various experiments using synthesis and scan data to evaluate our method and demonstrate its superiority over some baseline methods and an optimization-based method. Results show that our upsampled points have better uniformity and are located closer to the underlying surfaces.

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