Towards Pose Invariant Face Recognition in the Wild

Jian Zhao, Yu Cheng, Yan Xu, Lin Xiong, Jianshu Li, Fang Zhao, Karlekar Jayashree, Sugiri Pranata, Shengmei Shen, Junliang Xing, Shuicheng Yan, Jiashi Feng; Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), 2018, pp. 2207-2216


Pose variation is one key challenge in face recognition. As opposed to current techniques for pose invariant face recognition, which either directly extract pose invariant features for recognition, or first normalize profile face images to frontal pose before feature extraction, we argue that it is more desirable to perform both tasks jointly to allow them to benefit from each other. To this end, we propose a Pose Invariant Model (PIM) for face recognition in the wild, with three distinct novelties. First, PIM is a novel and unified deep architecture, containing a Face Frontalization sub-Net (FFN) and a Discriminative Learning sub-Net (DLN), which are jointly learned from end to end. Second, FFN is a well-designed dual-path Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) which simultaneously perceives global structures and local details, incorporated with an unsupervised cross-domain adversarial training and a "learning to learn" strategy for high-fidelity and identity-preserving frontal view synthesis. Third, DLN is a generic Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) for face recognition with our enforced cross-entropy optimization strategy for learning discriminative yet generalized feature representation. Qualitative and quantitative experiments on both controlled and in-the-wild benchmarks demonstrate the superiority of the proposed model over the state-of-the-arts.

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