Learning Hierarchical Models for Class-Specific Reconstruction From Natural Data

Arun CS Kumar, Suchendra M. Bhandarkar, Mukta Prasad; Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) Workshops, 2018, pp. 1057-1065


We propose a novel method for class-specific, single-view, object detection, pose estimation and deformable 3D reconstruction, where a two-pronged (sparse semantic and dense shape) representation is learned from natural image data automatically. Then, given a new image, it can estimate camera pose and deformable reconstruction using an effective, incremental optimization. Our method extracts a continuous, scaled-orthographic pose (without resorting to regression and/or discretized 1D azimuth-based representations). The method reconstructs a full free-form shape (rather than retrieving the closest 3D CAD shape proxy, typical in state-of-the-art). We learn our two-pronged model purely from natural image data, as automatically and faithfully as possible, reducing the human effort and bias typical to this problem. The pipeline combines data-driven deep learning based semantic part learning with principled modelling and effective optimization of the problem's physics, shape deformation, pose and occlusion. The underlying sparse (part-based) representation of the object is computationally efficient for purposes like detection and discriminative tasks, whereas the overlaid dense (skin like) representation, models and realistically renders comprehensive 3D structure including natural deformation, occlusion. The results for the car class are visually pleasing, and importantly, outperform the state-of-the-art quantitatively too. Our contribution to visual scene understanding through the two-pronged object representation shows promise for more accurate 3D scene understanding for real world applications on virtual/mixed reality, autonomous navigation, to cite a few.

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