Real-Time Mobile Food Recognition System

Yoshiyuki Kawano, Keiji Yanai; Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) Workshops, 2013, pp. 1-7


We propose a mobile food recognition system the purposes of which are estimating calorie and nutritious of foods and recording a user's eating habits. Since all the processes on image recognition performed on a smartphone, the system does not need to send images to a server and runs on an ordinary smartphone in a real-time way. To recognize food items, a user draws bounding boxes by touching the screen first, and then the system starts food item recognition within the indicated bounding boxes. To recognize them more accurately, we segment each food item region by GrubCut, extract a color histogram and SURFbased bag-of-features, and finally classify it into one of the fifty food categories with linear SVM and fast toookernel. In addition, the system estimates the direction of food regions where the higher SVM output score is expected to be obtained, show it as an arrow on the screen in order to ask a user to move a smartphone camera. This recognition process is performed repeatedly about once a second. We implemented this system as an Android smartphone application so as to use multiple CPU cores effectively for real-time recognition. In the experiments, we have achieved the 81.55% classification rate for the top 5 category candidates when the ground-truth bounding boxes are given. In addition, we obtained positive evaluation by user study compared to the food recording system without object recognition.

Related Material

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