A Multi-sensor Fusion Framework in 3-D

Vishal Jain, Andrew C. Miller, Joseph L. Mundy; Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) Workshops, 2013, pp. 314-319


The majority of existing image fusion techniques operate in the 2-d image domain which perform well for imagery of planar regions but fails in presence of any 3-d relief and provides inaccurate alignment of imagery from different sensors. A framework for multi-sensor image fusion in 3-d is proposed in this paper. The imagery from different sensors, specifically EO and IR, are fused in a common 3-d reference coordinate frame. A dense probabilistic and volumetric 3-d model is reconstructed from each of the sensors. The imagery is registered by aligning the 3-d models as the underlying 3-d structure in the images is the true invariant information. The image intensities are back-projected onto a 3-d model and every discretized location (voxel) of the 3-d model stores an array of intensities from different modalities. This 3-d model is forward-projected to produce a fused image of EO and IR from any viewpoint.

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