PIRM2018 Challenge on Spectral Image Super-Resolution: Methods and Results

Mehrdad Shoeiby, Antonio Robles-Kelly, Radu Timofte, Ruofan Zhou, Fayez Lahoud, Sabine Susstrunk, Zhiwei Xiong, Zhan Shi, Chang Chen, Dong Liu, Zheng-Jun Zha, Feng Wu, Kaixuan Wei, Tao Zhang, Lizhi Wang, Ying Fu, Koushik Nagasubramanian, Asheesh K. Singh, Arti Singh, Soumik Sarkar, Baskar Ganapathysubramanian; Proceedings of the European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV) Workshops, 2018, pp. 0-0


In this paper, we describe the Perceptual Image Restoration and Manipulation (PIRM) workshop challenge on spectral image superresolution, motivate its structure and conclude on results obtained by the participants. The challenge is one of the first of its kind, aiming at leveraging modern machine learning techniques to achieve spectral image super-resolution. It comprises of two tracks. The first of these (Track 1) is about example-based single spectral image super-resolution. The second one (Track 2) is on colour-guided spectral image super-resolution. In this manner, Track 1 focuses on the problem of super-resolving the spatial resolution of spectral images given training pairs of low and high spatial resolution spectral images. Track 2, on the other hand, aims to leverage the inherently higher spatial resolution of colour (RGB) cameras and the link between spectral and trichromatic images of the scene. The challenge in both tracks is then to recover a super-resolved image making use of low-resolution imagery at the input. We also elaborate upon the methods used by the participants, summarise the results and discuss their rankings.

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