Human Attribute Recognition by Rich Appearance Dictionary

Jungseock Joo, Shuo Wang, Song-Chun Zhu; Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV), 2013, pp. 721-728


We present a part-based approach to the problem of human attribute recognition from a single image of a human body. To recognize the attributes of human from the body parts, it is important to reliably detect the parts. This is a challenging task due to the geometric variation such as articulation and view-point changes as well as the appearance variation of the parts arisen from versatile clothing types. The prior works have primarily focused on handling geometric variation by relying on pre-trained part detectors or pose estimators, which require manual part annotation, but the appearance variation has been relatively neglected in these works. This paper explores the importance of the appearance variation, which is directly related to the main task, attribute recognition. To this end, we propose to learn a rich appearance part dictionary of human with significantly less supervision by decomposing image lattice into overlapping windows at multiscale and iteratively refining local appearance templates. We also present quantitative results in which our proposed method outperforms the existing approaches.

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