Joint Subspace Stabilization for Stereoscopic Video

Feng Liu, Yuzhen Niu, Hailin Jin; Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV), 2013, pp. 73-80


Shaky stereoscopic video is not only unpleasant to watch but may also cause 3D fatigue. Stabilizing the left and right view of a stereoscopic video separately using a monocular stabilization method tends to both introduce undesirable vertical disparities and damage horizontal disparities, which may destroy the stereoscopic viewing experience. In this paper, we present a joint subspace stabilization method for stereoscopic video. We prove that the low-rank subspace constraint for monocular video [10] also holds for stereoscopic video. Particularly, the feature trajectories from the left and right video share the same subspace. Based on this proof, we develop a stereo subspace stabilization method that jointly computes a common subspace from the left and right video and uses it to stabilize the two videos simultaneously. Our method meets the stereoscopic constraints without 3D reconstruction or explicit left-right correspondence. We test our method on a variety of stereoscopic videos with different scene content and camera motion. The experiments show that our method achieves high-quality stabilization for stereoscopic video in a robust and efficient way.

Related Material

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