Semi-supervised Learning for Large Scale Image Cosegmentation

Zhengxiang Wang, Rujie Liu; Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV), 2013, pp. 393-400


This paper introduces to use semi-supervised learning for large scale image cosegmentation. Different from traditional unsupervised cosegmentation that does not use any segmentation groundtruth, semi-supervised cosegmentation exploits the similarity from both the very limited training image foregrounds, as well as the common object shared between the large number of unsegmented images. This would be a much practical way to effectively cosegment a large number of related images simultaneously, where previous unsupervised cosegmentation work poorly due to the large variances in appearance between different images and the lack of segmentation groundtruth for guidance in cosegmentation. For semi-supervised cosegmentation in large scale, we propose an effective method by minimizing an energy function, which consists of the inter-image distance, the intraimage distance and the balance term. We also propose an iterative updating algorithm to efficiently solve this energy function, which decomposes the original energy minimization problem into sub-problems, and updates each image alternatively to reduce the number of variables in each subproblem for computation efficiency. Experiment results on iCoseg and Pascal VOC datasets show that the proposed cosegmentation method can effectively cosegment hundreds of images in less than one minute. And our semi-supervised cosegmentation is able to outperform both unsupervised cosegmentation as well as fully supervised single image segmentation, especially when the training data is limited.

Related Material

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