Low-Rank Sparse Coding for Image Classification

Tianzhu Zhang, Bernard Ghanem, Si Liu, Changsheng Xu, Narendra Ahuja; Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV), 2013, pp. 281-288


In this paper, we propose a low-rank sparse coding (LRSC) method that exploits local structure information among features in an image for the purpose of image-level classification. LRSC represents densely sampled SIFT descriptors, in a spatial neighborhood, collectively as lowrank, sparse linear combinations of codewords. As such, it casts the feature coding problem as a low-rank matrix learning problem, which is different from previous methods that encode features independently. This LRSC has a number of attractive properties. (1) It encourages sparsity in feature codes, locality in codebook construction, and low-rankness for spatial consistency. (2) LRSC encodes local features jointly by considering their low-rank structure information, and is computationally attractive. We evaluate the LRSC by comparing its performance on a set of challenging benchmarks with that of orpopular coding and other state-of-theart methods. Our experiments show that by representing local features jointly, LRSC not only outperforms the state-ofthe-art in classification accuracy but also improves the time complexity of methods that use a similar sparse linear representation model for feature coding [36].

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