Semantic-Aware Co-indexing for Image Retrieval

Shiliang Zhang, Ming Yang, Xiaoyu Wang, Yuanqing Lin, Qi Tian; Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV), 2013, pp. 1673-1680


Inverted indexes in image retrieval not only allow fast access to database images but also summarize all knowledge about the database, so that their discriminative capacity largely determines the retrieval performance. In this paper, for vocabulary tree based image retrieval, we propose a semantic-aware co-indexing algorithm to jointly embed two strong cues into the inverted indexes: 1) local invariant features that are robust to delineate low-level image contents, and 2) semantic attributes from large-scale object recognition that may reveal image semantic meanings. For an initial set of inverted indexes of local features, we utilize 1000 semantic attributes to filter out isolated images and insert semantically similar images to the initial set. Encoding these two distinct cues together effectively enhances the discriminative capability of inverted indexes. Such co-indexing operations are totally off-line and introduce small computation overhead to online query cause only local features but no semantic attributes are used for query. Experiments and comparisons with recent retrieval methods on 3 datasets, i.e., UKbench, Holidays, Oxford5K, and 1.3 million images from Flickr as distractors, manifest the competitive performance of our method 1 .

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