Query-Adaptive Asymmetrical Dissimilarities for Visual Object Retrieval

Cai-Zhi Zhu, Herve Jegou, Shin Ichi Satoh; Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV), 2013, pp. 1705-1712


Visual object retrieval aims at retrieving, from a collection of images, all those in which a given query object appears. It is inherently asymmetric: the query object is mostly included in the database image, while the converse is not necessarily true. However, existing approaches mostly compare the images with symmetrical measures, without considering the different roles of query and database. This paper first measure the extent of asymmetry on large-scale public datasets reflecting this task. Considering the standard bag-of-words representation, we then propose new asymmetrical dissimilarities accounting for the different inlier ratios associated with query and database images. These asymmetrical measures depend on the query, yet they are compatible with an inverted file structure, without noticeably impacting search efficiency. Our experiments show the benefit of our approach, and show that the visual object retrieval task is better treated asymmetrically, in the spirit of state-of-the-art text retrieval.

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