Weakly-Supervised Alignment of Video With Text

Piotr Bojanowski, Remi Lajugie, Edouard Grave, Francis Bach, Ivan Laptev, Jean Ponce, Cordelia Schmid; Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV), 2015, pp. 4462-4470


Suppose that we are given a set of videos, along with natural language descriptions in the form of multiple sentences (e.g., manual annotations, movie scripts, sport summaries etc.), and that these sentences appear in the same temporal order as their visual counterparts. We propose in this paper a method for aligning the two modalities, i.e., automatically providing a time (frame) stamp for every sentence. Given vectorial features for both video and text, this can be cast as a temporal assignment problem, with an implicit linear mapping between the two feature modalities. We formulate this problem as an integer quadratic program, and solve its continuous convex relaxation using an efficient conditional gradient algorithm. Several rounding procedures are proposed to construct the final integer solution. After demonstrating significant improvements over the state of the art on the related task of aligning video with symbolic labels, we evaluate our method on a challenging dataset of videos with associated textual descriptions, and explore bag-of-words and continuous representations for text.

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