Variational PatchMatch MultiView Reconstruction and Refinement

Philipp Heise, Brian Jensen, Sebastian Klose, Alois Knoll; Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV), 2015, pp. 882-890


In this work we propose a novel approach to the problem of multi-view stereo reconstruction. Building upon the previously proposed PatchMatch stereo and PM-Huber algorithm we introduce an extension to the multi-view scenario that employs an iterative refinement scheme. Our proposed approach uses an extended and robustified volumetric truncated signed distance function representation, which is advantageous for the fusion of refined depth maps and also for raycasting the current reconstruction estimation together with estimated depth normals into arbitrary camera views. We formulate the combined multi-view stereo reconstruction and refinement as a variational optimization problem. The newly introduced plane based smoothing term in the energy formulation is guided by the current reconstruction confidence and the image contents. Further we propose an extension of the PatchMatch scheme with an additional KLT step to avoid unnecessary sampling iterations. Improper camera poses are corrected by a direct image aligment step that performs robust outlier compensation by means of a recently proposed kernel lifting framework. To speed up the optimization of the variational formulation an adapted scheme is used for faster convergence.

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