Naive Bayes Super-Resolution Forest

Jordi Salvador, Eduardo Perez-Pellitero; Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV), 2015, pp. 325-333


This paper presents a fast, high-performance method for super resolution with external learning. The first contribution leading to the excellent performance is a bimodal tree for clustering, which successfully exploits the antipodal invariance of the coarse-to-high-res mapping of natural image patches and provides scalability to finer partitions of the underlying coarse patch space. During training an ensemble of such bimodal trees is computed, providing different linearizations of the mapping. The second and main contribution is a fast inference algorithm, which selects the most suitable mapping function within the tree ensemble for each patch by adopting a Local Naive Bayes formulation. The experimental validation shows promising scalability properties that reflect the suitability of the proposed model, which may also be generalized to other tasks. The resulting method is beyond one order of magnitude faster and performs objectively and subjectively better than the current state of the art.

Related Material

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