Complex Event Detection by Identifying Reliable Shots From Untrimmed Videos

Hehe Fan, Xiaojun Chang, De Cheng, Yi Yang, Dong Xu, Alexander G. Hauptmann; The IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV), 2017, pp. 736-744


The goal of complex event detection is to automatically detect whether an event of interest happens in temporally untrimmed long videos which usually consist of multiple video shots. Observing some video shots in positive (resp. negative) videos are irrelevant (resp. relevant) to the given event class, we formulate this task as a multi-instance learning (MIL) problem by taking each video as a bag and the video shots in each video as instances. To this end, we propose a new MIL method, which simultaneously learns a linear SVM classifier and infers a binary indicator for each instance in order to select reliable training instances from each positive or negative bag. In our new objective function, we balance the weighted training errors and a l1-l2 mixed-norm regularization term which adaptively selects reliable shots as training instances from different videos to have them as diverse as possible. We also develop an alternating optimization approach that can efficiently solve our proposed objective function. Extensive experiments on the challenging real-world Multimedia Event Detection (MED) datasets MEDTest-14, MEDTest-13 and CCV clearly demonstrate the effectiveness of our proposed MIL approach for complex event detection.

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