Active Learning for Human Pose Estimation

Buyu Liu, Vittorio Ferrari; Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV), 2017, pp. 4363-4372


Annotating human poses in realistic scenes is very time consuming, yet necessary for training human pose estimators. We propose to address this problem in an active learning framework, which alternates between requesting the most useful annotations among a large set of unlabelled images, and re-training the pose estimator. To this end, (1) we propose an uncertainty estimator specific for body joint predictions, which takes into account the spatial distribution of the responses of the current pose estimator on the unlabelled images; (2) we propose a dynamic combination of influence and uncertainty cues, where their weights vary during the active learning process according to the reliability of the current pose estimator; (3) we introduce a computer assisted annotation interface, which reduces the time necessary for a human annotator to click on a joint by discretizing the image into regions generated by the current pose estimator. Experiments using the MPII and LSP datasets with both simulated and real annotators show that (1) the proposed active selection scheme outperforms several baselines; (2) our computer-assisted interface can further reduce annotation effort; and (3) our technique can further improve the performance of a pose estimator even when starting from an already strong one.performance in 23% annotation time.

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