Composite Focus Measure for High Quality Depth Maps

Parikshit Sakurikar, P. J. Narayanan; Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV), 2017, pp. 1614-1622


Depth from focus is a highly accessible method to estimate the 3D structure of everyday scenes. Today's DSLR and mobile cameras facilitate the easy capture of multiple focused images of a scene. Focus measures (FMs) that estimate the amount of focus at each pixel form the basis of depth-from-focus methods. Several FMs have been proposed in the past and new ones will emerge in the future, each with their own strengths. We estimate a weighted combination of standard FMs that outperforms others on a wide range of scene types. The resulting composite focus measure consists of FMs that are in consensus with one another but not in chorus. Our two-stage pipeline first estimates fine depth at each pixel using the composite focus measure. A cost-volume propagation step then assigns depths from confident pixels to others. We can generate high quality depth maps using just the top five FMs from our composite focus measure. This is a positive step towards depth estimation of everyday scenes with no special equipment.

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