Efficient Global Illumination for Morphable Models

Andreas Schneider, Sandro Schonborn, Lavrenti Frobeen, Bernhard Egger, Thomas Vetter; Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV), 2017, pp. 3865-3873


We propose an efficient self-shadowing illumination model for Morphable Models. Simulating self-shadowing with ray casting is computationally expensive which makes them impractical in Analysis-by-Synthesis methods for object reconstruction from single images. Therefore, we propose to learn self-shadowing for Morphable Model parameters directly with a linear model. Radiance transfer functions are a powerful way to represent self-shadowing used within the precomputed radiance transfer framework (PRT). We build on PRT to render deforming objects with self-shadowing at interactive frame rates. It can be illuminated efficiently by environment maps represented with spherical harmonics. The result is an efficient global illumination method for Morphable Models, exploiting an approximated radiance transfer. We apply the method to fitting Morphable Model parameters to a single image of a face and demonstrate that considering self-shadowing improves shape reconstruction.

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