DeepSEE: Deep Disentangled Semantic Explorative Extreme Super-Resolution

Marcel C. Buhler, Andres Romero, Radu Timofte; Proceedings of the Asian Conference on Computer Vision (ACCV), 2020


Super-resolution (SR) is by definition ill-posed. There are infinitely many plausible high-resolution variants for a given low-resolution natural image. Most of the current literature aims at a single deterministic solution of either high reconstruction fidelity or photo-realistic perceptual quality. In this work, we propose an explorative facial super-resolution framework, DeepSEE, for Deep disentangled Semantic Explorative Extreme super-resolution. To the best of our knowledge, DeepSEE is the first method to leverage semantic maps for explorative super-resolution. In particular, it provides control of the semantic regions, their disentangled appearance and it allows a broad range of image manipulations. We validate DeepSEE on faces, for up to 32x magnification and exploration of the space of super-resolution. Our code and models are available at:

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