Chromatic Aberration Correction Using Cross-Channel Prior in Shearlet Domain

Kunyi Li, Xin Jin; Proceedings of the Asian Conference on Computer Vision (ACCV), 2020


Instead of more expensive and complex optics, recent years, many researches are focused on high-quality photography using lightweight cameras, such as single-ball lens, with computational image processing. Traditional methods for image enhancement do not comprehensively address the blurring artifacts caused by strong chromatic aberrations in images produced by a simple optical system. In this paper, we propose a new method to correct both lateral and axial chromatic aberrations based on their different characteristics. To eliminate lateral chromatic aberration, cross-channel prior in shearlet domain is proposed to align texture information of red and blue channels to green channel. We also propose a new PSF estimation method to better correct axial chromatic aberration using wave propagation model, where F-number of the optical system is needed. Simulation results demonstrate our method can provide aberration-free images while there are still some artifacts in the results of the state-of-art methods. PSNRs of simulation results increase at least 2 dB and SSIM is on average 6.29% to 41.26% better than other methods. Real-captured image results prove that the proposed prior can effectively remove lateral chromatic aberration while the proposed PSF model can further correct the axial chromatic aberration.

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