Fully Convolutional Networks for Panoptic Segmentation

Yanwei Li, Hengshuang Zhao, Xiaojuan Qi, Liwei Wang, Zeming Li, Jian Sun, Jiaya Jia; Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), 2021, pp. 214-223


In this paper, we present a conceptually simple, strong, and efficient framework for panoptic segmentation, called Panoptic FCN. Our approach aims to represent and predict foreground things and background stuff in a unified fully convolutional pipeline. In particular, Panoptic FCN encodes each object instance or stuff category into a specific kernel weight with the proposed kernel generator and produces the prediction by convolving the high-resolution feature directly. With this approach, instance-aware and semantically consistent properties for things and stuff can be respectively satisfied in a simple generate-kernel-then-segment workflow. Without extra boxes for localization or instance separation, the proposed approach outperforms previous box-based and -free models with high efficiency on COCO, Cityscapes, and Mapillary Vistas datasets with single scale input. Our code is made publicly available at https://github.com/Jia-Research-Lab/PanopticFCN.

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