Partially View-Aligned Representation Learning With Noise-Robust Contrastive Loss

Mouxing Yang, Yunfan Li, Zhenyu Huang, Zitao Liu, Peng Hu, Xi Peng; Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), 2021, pp. 1134-1143


In real-world applications, it is common that only a portion of data is aligned across views due to spatial, temporal, or spatiotemporal asynchronism, thus leading to the so-called Partially View-aligned Problem (PVP). To solve such a less-touched problem without the help of labels, we propose simultaneously learning representation and aligning data using a noise-robust contrastive loss. In brief, for each sample from one view, our method aims to identify its within-category counterparts from other views, and thus the cross-view correspondence could be established. As the contrastive learning needs data pairs as input, we construct positive pairs using the known correspondences and negative pairs using random sampling. To alleviate or even eliminate the influence of the false negatives caused by random sampling, we propose a noise-robust contrastive loss that could adaptively prevent the false negatives from dominating the network optimization. To the best of our knowledge, this could be the first successful attempt of enabling contrastive learning robust to noisy labels. In fact, this work might remarkably enrich the learning paradigm with noisy labels. More specifically, the traditional noisy labels are defined as incorrect annotations for the supervised tasks such as classification. In contrast, this work proposes that the view correspondence might be false, which is remarkably different from the widely-accepted definition of noisy label. Extensive experiments show the promising performance of our method comparing with 10 state-of-the-art multi-view approaches in the clustering and classification tasks. The code will be publicly released at

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