Explicit Knowledge Incorporation for Visual Reasoning

Yifeng Zhang, Ming Jiang, Qi Zhao; Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), 2021, pp. 1356-1365


Existing explainable and explicit visual reasoning methods only perform reasoning based on visual evidence but do not take into account knowledge beyond what is in the visual scene. To addresses the knowledge gap between visual reasoning methods and the semantic complexity of real-world images, we present the first explicit visual reasoning method that incorporates external knowledge and models high-order relational attention for improved generalizability and explainability. Specifically, we propose a knowledge incorporation network that explicitly creates and includes new graph nodes for entities and predicates from external knowledge bases to enrich the semantics of the scene graph used in explicit reasoning. We then create a novel Graph-Relate module to perform high-order relational attention on the enriched scene graph. By explicitly introducing structured external knowledge and high-order relational attention, our method demonstrates significant generalizability and explainability over the state-of-the-art visual reasoning approaches on the GQA and VQAv2 datasets.

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