Generalizing Gaze Estimation With Rotation Consistency

Yiwei Bao, Yunfei Liu, Haofei Wang, Feng Lu; Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), 2022, pp. 4207-4216


Recent advances of deep learning-based approaches have achieved remarkable performance on appearance-based gaze estimation. However, due to the shortage of target domain data and absence of target labels, generalizing gaze estimation algorithm to unseen environments is still challenging. In this paper, we discover the rotation-consistency property in gaze estimation and introduce the 'sub-label' for unsupervised domain adaptation. Consequently, we propose the Rotation-enhanced Unsupervised Domain Adaptation (RUDA) for gaze estimation. First, we rotate the original images with different angles for training. Then we conduct domain adaptation under the constraint of rotation consistency. The target domain images are assigned with sub-labels, derived from relative rotation angles rather than untouchable real labels. With such sub-labels, we propose a novel distribution loss that facilitates the domain adaptation. We evaluate the RUDA framework on four cross-domain gaze estimation tasks. Experimental results demonstrate that it improves the performance over the baselines with gains ranging from 12.2% to 30.5%. Our framework has the potential to be used in other computer vision tasks with physical constraints.

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