Neural Compression-Based Feature Learning for Video Restoration

Cong Huang, Jiahao Li, Bin Li, Dong Liu, Yan Lu; Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), 2022, pp. 5872-5881


Most existing deep learning (DL)-based video restoration methods focus on the network structure design to better extract temporal features but ignore how to utilize these extracted temporal features efficiently. The temporal features usually contain various noisy and irrelative information, and they may interfere with the restoration of the current frame. This paper proposes learning noise-robust feature representations to help video restoration. From information theory, we know the noisy data generally has a high degree of uncertainty, thus we design a neural compression module to filter the noise with large uncertainty and refine the features. Our compression module adopts a spatial-channel-wise quantization mechanism to adaptively filter the noise and purify the features with different content characteristics to achieve robustness to noise. The information entropy loss is used to guide the learning of the compression module and helps it preserve the most useful information. Experiments show that our method can significantly boost the performance on video denoising. Under noise level 50, we obtain 0.13 dB improvement over BasicVSR++ with only 0.23x FLOPs. Meanwhile, our method also achieves SOTA results on video deraining and dehazing.

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