Layered Depth Refinement With Mask Guidance

Soo Ye Kim, Jianming Zhang, Simon Niklaus, Yifei Fan, Simon Chen, Zhe Lin, Munchurl Kim; Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), 2022, pp. 3855-3865


Depth maps are used in a wide range of applications from 3D rendering to 2D image effects such as Bokeh. However, those predicted by single image depth estimation (SIDE) models often fail to capture isolated holes in objects and/or have inaccurate boundary regions. Meanwhile, high-quality masks are much easier to obtain, using commercial auto-masking tools or off-the-shelf methods of segmentation and matting or even by manual editing. Hence, in this paper, we formulate a novel problem of mask-guided depth refinement that utilizes a generic mask to refine the depth prediction of SIDE models. Our framework performs layered refinement and inpainting/outpainting, decomposing the depth map into two separate layers signified by the mask and the inverse mask. As datasets with both depth and mask annotations are scarce, we propose a self-supervised learning scheme that uses arbitrary masks and RGB-D datasets. We empirically show that our method is robust to different types of masks and initial depth predictions, accurately refining depth values in inner and outer mask boundary regions. We further analyze our model with an ablation study and demonstrate results on real applications.

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