Voxel Field Fusion for 3D Object Detection

Yanwei Li, Xiaojuan Qi, Yukang Chen, Liwei Wang, Zeming Li, Jian Sun, Jiaya Jia; Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), 2022, pp. 1120-1129


In this work, we present a conceptually simple yet effective framework for cross-modality 3D object detection, named voxel field fusion. The proposed approach aims to maintain cross-modality consistency by representing and fusing augmented image features as a ray in the voxel field. To this end, the learnable sampler is first designed to sample vital features from the image plane that are projected to the voxel grid in a point-to-ray manner, which maintains the consistency in feature representation with spatial context. In addition, ray-wise fusion is conducted to fuse features with the supplemental context in the constructed voxel field. We further develop mixed augmentor to align feature-variant transformations, which bridges the modality gap in data augmentation. The proposed framework is demonstrated to achieve consistent gains in various benchmarks and outperforms previous fusion-based methods on KITTI and nuScenes datasets. Code is made available at https://github.com/dvlab-research/VFF.

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