Aesthetic Text Logo Synthesis via Content-Aware Layout Inferring

Yizhi Wang, Guo Pu, Wenhan Luo, Yexin Wang, Pengfei Xiong, Hongwen Kang, Zhouhui Lian; Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), 2022, pp. 2436-2445


Text logo design heavily relies on the creativity and expertise of professional designers, in which arranging element layouts is one of the most important procedures. However, few attention has been paid to this task which needs to take many factors (e.g., fonts, linguistics, topics, etc.) into consideration. In this paper, we propose a content-aware layout generation network which takes glyph images and their corresponding text as input and synthesizes aesthetic layouts for them automatically. Specifically, we develop a dual-discriminator module, including a sequence discriminator and an image discriminator, to evaluate both the character placing trajectories and rendered shapes of synthesized text logos, respectively. Furthermore, we fuse the information of linguistics from texts and visual semantics from glyphs to guide layout prediction, which both play important roles in professional layout design. To train and evaluate our approach, we construct a dataset named as TextLogo3K, consisting of about 3,500 text logos and their pixel-level segmentation. Experimental studies on this dataset demonstrate the effectiveness of our approach for synthesizing visually-pleasing text logos and verify its superiority against the state of the art.

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