Text-to-Image Synthesis Based on Object-Guided Joint-Decoding Transformer

Fuxiang Wu, Liu Liu, Fusheng Hao, Fengxiang He, Jun Cheng; Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), 2022, pp. 18113-18122


Object-guided text-to-image synthesis aims to generate images from natural language descriptions built by two-step frameworks, i.e., the model generates the layout and then synthesizes images from the layout and captions. However, such frameworks have two issues: 1) complex structure, since generating language-related layout is not a trivial task; 2) error propagation, because the inappropriate layout will mislead the image synthesis and is hard to be revised. In this paper, we propose an object-guided joint-decoding module to simultaneously generate the image and the corresponding layout. Specially, we present the joint-decoding transformer to model the joint probability on images tokens and the corresponding layouts tokens, where layout tokens provide additional observed data to model the complex scene better. Then, we describe a novel Layout-VQGAN for layout encoding and decoding to provide more information about the complex scene. After that, we present the detail-enhanced module to enrich the language-related details based on two facts: 1) visual details could be omitted in the compression of VQGANs; 2) the joint-decoding transformer would not have sufficient generating capacity. The experiments show that our approach is competitive with previous object-centered models and can generate diverse and high-quality objects under the given layouts.

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