Benchmarking Robustness to Text-Guided Corruptions

Mohammadreza Mofayezi, Yasamin Medghalchi; Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) Workshops, 2023, pp. 779-786


This study investigates the robustness of image classifiers to text-guided corruptions. We utilize diffusion models to edit images to different domains. Unlike other works that use synthetic or hand-picked data for benchmarking, we use diffusion models as they are generative models capable of learning to edit images while preserving their semantic content. Thus, the corruptions will be more realistic and the comparison will be more informative. Also, there is no need for manual labeling and we can create large-scale benchmarks with less effort. We define a prompt hierarchy based on the original ImageNet hierarchy to apply edits in different domains. As well as introducing a new benchmark we try to investigate the robustness of different vision models. The results of this study demonstrate that the performance of image classifiers decreases significantly in different language-based corruptions and edit domains. We also observe that convolutional models are more robust than transformer architectures. Additionally, we see that common data augmentation techniques can improve the performance on both the original data and the edited images. The findings of this research can help improve the design of image classifiers and contribute to the development of more robust machine learning systems. The code for generating the benchmark will be made available online upon publication.

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