Unlimited-Size Diffusion Restoration

Yinhuai Wang, Jiwen Yu, Runyi Yu, Jian Zhang; Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) Workshops, 2023, pp. 1160-1167


Recently, using diffusion models for zero-shot image restoration (IR) has become a new hot paradigm. This type of method only needs to use the pre-trained off-the-shelf diffusion models, without any finetuning, and can directly handle various IR tasks. The upper limit of the restoration performance depends on the pre-trained diffusion models, which are in rapid evolution. However, current methods only discuss how to deal with fixed-size images, but dealing with images of arbitrary sizes is very important for practical applications. This paper focuses on how to use those diffusion-based zero-shot IR methods to deal with any size while maintaining the excellent characteristics of zero-shot. A simple way to solve arbitrary size is to divide it into fixed-size patches and solve each patch independently. But this may yield significant artifacts since it neither considers the global semantics of all patches nor the local information of adjacent patches. Inspired by the Range-Null space Decomposition, we propose the Mask-Shift Restoration to address local incoherence and propose the Hierarchical Restoration to alleviate out-of-domain issues. Our simple, parameter-free approaches can be used not only for image restoration but also for image generation of unlimited sizes, with the potential to be a general tool for diffusion models.

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