3D-FRONT: 3D Furnished Rooms With layOuts and semaNTics

Huan Fu, Bowen Cai, Lin Gao, Ling-Xiao Zhang, Jiaming Wang, Cao Li, Qixun Zeng, Chengyue Sun, Rongfei Jia, Binqiang Zhao, Hao Zhang; Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV), 2021, pp. 10933-10942


We introduce 3D-FRONT (3D Furnished Rooms with layOuts and semaNTics), a new, large-scale, and compre- hensive repository of synthetic indoor scenes highlighted by professionally designed layouts and a large number of rooms populated by high-quality textured 3D models with style compatibility. From layout semantics down to texture details of individual objects, our dataset is freely available to the academic community and beyond. Currently, 3D- FRONT contains 6,813 CAD houses, where 18,968 rooms diversely furnished by 3D objects, far surpassing all publicly available scene datasets. The 13,151 furniture objects all come with high-quality textures. While the floorplans and layout designs (i.e., furniture arrangements) are directly sourced from professional creations, the interior de- signs in terms of furniture styles, color, and textures have been carefully curated based on a recommender system we develop to attain consistent styles as expert designs. Furthermore, we release Trescope, a light-weight rendering tool, to support benchmark rendering of 2D images and annotations from 3D-FRONT. We demonstrate two applications, interior scene synthesis and texture synthesis, that are especially tailored to the strengths of our new dataset.

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