ORBIT: A Real-World Few-Shot Dataset for Teachable Object Recognition

Daniela Massiceti, Luisa Zintgraf, John Bronskill, Lida Theodorou, Matthew Tobias Harris, Edward Cutrell, Cecily Morrison, Katja Hofmann, Simone Stumpf; Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV), 2021, pp. 10818-10828


Object recognition has made great advances in the last decade, but predominately still relies on many high-quality training examples per object category. In contrast, learning new objects from only a few examples could enable many impactful applications from robotics to user personalization. Most few-shot learning research, however, has been driven by benchmark datasets that lack the high variation that these applications will face when deployed in the real-world. To close this gap, we present the ORBIT dataset and benchmark, grounded in the real-world application of teachable object recognizers for people who are blind/low-vision. The dataset contains 3,822 videos of 486 objects recorded by people who are blind/low-vision on their mobile phones. The benchmark reflects a realistic, highly challenging recognition problem, providing a rich playground to drive research in robustness to few-shot, high-variation conditions. We set the benchmark's first state-of-the-art and show there is massive scope for further innovation, holding the potential to impact a broad range of real-world vision applications including tools for the blind/low-vision community. We release the dataset at https://doi.org/10.25383/city.14294597 and benchmark code at https://github.com/microsoft/ORBIT-Dataset.

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