Distilling Optimal Neural Networks: Rapid Search in Diverse Spaces

Bert Moons, Parham Noorzad, Andrii Skliar, Giovanni Mariani, Dushyant Mehta, Chris Lott, Tijmen Blankevoort; Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV), 2021, pp. 12229-12238


Current state-of-the-art Neural Architecture Search (NAS) methods neither efficiently scale to many hardware platforms nor handle diverse architectural search-spaces. To remedy this, we present DONNA (Distilling Optimal Neural Network Architectures), a novel pipeline for rapid, scalable and diverse NAS, that scales to many user scenarios. DONNA consists of three phases. First, an accuracy predictor is built using blockwise knowledge distillation from a reference model. This predictor enables searching across diverse networks with varying macro-architectural parameters such as layer types and attention mechanisms, as well as across micro-architectural parameters such as block repeats and expansion rates. Second, a rapid evolutionary search finds a set of pareto-optimal architectures for any scenario using the accuracy predictor and on-device measurements. Third, optimal models are quickly finetuned to training-from-scratch accuracy. DONNA is up to 100x faster than MNasNet in finding state-of-the-art architectures on-device. Classifying ImageNet, DONNA architectures are 20% faster than EfficientNet-B0 and MobileNetV2 on a Nvidia V100 GPU and 10% faster with 0.5% higher accuracy than MobileNetV2-1.4x on a Samsung S20 smartphone. In addition to NAS, DONNA is used for search-space extension and exploration, as well as hardware-aware model compression.

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