Geometric Granularity Aware Pixel-To-Mesh

Yue Shi, Bingbing Ni, Jinxian Liu, Dingyi Rong, Ye Qian, Wenjun Zhang; Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV), 2021, pp. 13097-13106


Pixel-to-mesh has wide applications, especially in virtual or augmented reality, animation and game industry. However, existing mesh reconstruction models perform unsatisfactorily in local geometry details due to ignoring mesh topology information during learning. Besides, most methods are constrained by the initial template, which cannot reconstruct meshes of various genus. In this work, we propose a geometric granularity-aware pixel-to-mesh framework with a fidelity-selection-and-guarantee strategy, which explicitly addresses both challenges. First, a geometry structure extractor is proposed for detecting local high structured parts and capturing local spatial feature. Second, we apply it to facilitate pixel-to-mesh mapping and resolve coarse details problem caused by the neglect of structural information in previous practices. Finally, a mesh edit module is proposed to encourage non-zero genus topology to emergence by fine-grained topology modification and a patching algorithm is introduced to repair the non-closed boundaries. Extensive experimental results, both quantitatively and visually have demonstrated the high reconstruction fidelity achieved by the proposed framework.

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