SA-ConvONet: Sign-Agnostic Optimization of Convolutional Occupancy Networks

Jiapeng Tang, Jiabao Lei, Dan Xu, Feiying Ma, Kui Jia, Lei Zhang; Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV), 2021, pp. 6504-6513


Surface reconstruction from point clouds is a fundamental problem in the computer vision and graphics community. Recent state-of-the-arts solve this problem by individually optimizing each local implicit field during inference. Without considering the geometric relationships between local fields, they typically require accurate normals to avoid the sign conflict problem in overlapped regions of local fields, which severely limits their applicability to raw scans where surface normals could be unavailable. Although SAL breaks this limitation via sign-agnostic learning, further works still need to explore how to extend this technique for local shape modeling. To this end, we propose to learn implicit surface reconstruction by sign-agnostic optimization of convolutional occupancy networks, to simultaneously achieve advanced scalability to large-scale scenes, generality to novel shapes, and applicability to raw scans in a unified framework. Concretely, we achieve this goal by a simple yet effective design, which further optimizes the pre-trained occupancy prediction networks with an unsigned cross-entropy loss during inference. The learning of occupancy fields is conditioned on convolutional features from an hourglass network architecture. Extensive experimental comparisons with previous state-of-the-arts on both object-level and scene-level datasets demonstrate the superior accuracy of our approach for surface reconstruction from un-orientated point clouds. The code is available at

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