Multi-Source Domain Adaptation for Object Detection

Xingxu Yao, Sicheng Zhao, Pengfei Xu, Jufeng Yang; Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV), 2021, pp. 3273-3282


To reduce annotation labor associated with object detection, an increasing number of studies focus on transferring the learned knowledge from a labeled source domain to another unlabeled target domain. However, existing methods assume that the labeled data are sampled from a single source domain, which ignores a more generalized scenario, where labeled data are from multiple source domains. For the more challenging task, we propose a unified Faster RCNN based framework, termed Divide-and-Merge Spindle Network (DMSN), which can simultaneously enhance domain invariance and preserve discriminative power. Specifically, the framework contains multiple source subnets and a pseudo target subnet. First, we propose a hierarchical feature alignment strategy to conduct strong and weak alignments for low- and high-level features, respectively, considering their different effects for object detection. Second, we develop a novel pseudo subnet learning algorithm to approximate optimal parameters of pseudo target subset by weighted combination of parameters in different source subnets. Finally, a consistency regularization for region proposal network is proposed to facilitate each subnet to learn more abstract invariances. Extensive experiments on different adaptation scenarios demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed model.

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