Group-Aware Contrastive Regression for Action Quality Assessment

Xumin Yu, Yongming Rao, Wenliang Zhao, Jiwen Lu, Jie Zhou; Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV), 2021, pp. 7919-7928


Assessing action quality is challenging due to the subtle differences between videos and large variations in scores. Most existing approaches tackle this problem by regressing a quality score from a single video, suffering a lot from the large inter-video score variations. In this paper, we show that the relations among videos can provide important clues for more accurate action quality assessment during both training and inference. Specifically, we reformulate the problem of action quality assessment as regressing the relative scores with reference to another video that has shared attributes (e.g. category and difficulty), instead of learning unreferenced scores. Following this formulation, we propose a new contrastive regression (CoRe) framework to learn the relative scores by pair-wise comparison, which highlights the differences between videos and guides the models to learn the key hints for assessment. In order to further exploit the relative information between two videos, we devise a group-aware regression tree to convert the conventional score regression into two easier sub-problems: coarse-to-fine classification and regression in small intervals. To demonstrate the effectiveness of CoRe, we conduct extensive experiments on three mainstream AQA datasets including AQA-7, MTL-AQA, and JIGSAWS. Our approaches outperform previous methods by a large margin and establish new state-of-the-art on all three benchmarks.

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