Convolutional Filter Approximation Using Fractional Calculus

Julio Zamora, Jesus A. Cruz Vargas, Anthony Rhodes, Lama Nachman, Narayan Sundararajan; Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV) Workshops, 2021, pp. 383-392


We introduce a generalized fractional convolutional filter (FF) with the flexibility to behave as any novel, customized, or well-known filter (e.g. Gaussian, Sobel, and Laplacian). Our method can be trained using only five parameters - regardless of the kernel size. Furthermore, these kernels can be used in place of traditional kernels in any CNN topology. We demonstrate a nominal 5X parameter compression per kernel as compared to a traditional (5x5) convolutional kernel, and in the generalized case, a compression from NxN to 6 trainable parameters per kernel. We furthermore achieve 3X compression for 3D convolutional filters compared with conventional (7x7x7)3D filters. Using fractional filters, we set a new MNIST record for the fewest number of parameters required to achieve above99% classification accuracy with only3,750 trainable parameters. In addition to providing a generalizable method for CNN model compression, FFs present a compelling use case for the compression of CNNs that require large kernel sizes (e.g. medical imaging, semantic segmentation)

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