Data-Free Class-Incremental Hand Gesture Recognition

Shubhra Aich, Jesus Ruiz-Santaquiteria, Zhenyu Lu, Prachi Garg, K J Joseph, Alvaro Fernandez Garcia, Vineeth N Balasubramanian, Kenrick Kin, Chengde Wan, Necati Cihan Camgoz, Shugao Ma, Fernando De la Torre; Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV), 2023, pp. 20958-20967


This paper investigates data-free class-incremental learning (DFCIL) for hand gesture recognition from 3D skeleton sequences. In this class-incremental learning (CIL) setting, while incrementally registering the new classes, we do not have access to the training samples (i.e. data-free) of the already known classes due to privacy. Existing DFCIL methods primarily focus on various forms of knowledge distillation for model inversion to mitigate catastrophic forgetting. Unlike SOTA methods, we delve deeper into the choice of the best samples for inversion. Inspired by the well-grounded theory of max-margin classification, we find that the best samples tend to lie close to the approximate decision boundary within a reasonable margin. To this end, we propose BOAT-MI -- a simple and effective boundary-aware prototypical sampling mechanism for model inversion for DFCIL. Our sampling scheme outperforms SOTA methods significantly on two 3D skeleton gesture datasets, the publicly available SHREC 2017, and EgoGesture3D -- which we extract from a publicly available RGBD dataset. Both our codebase and the EgoGesture3D skeleton dataset are publicly available:

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