Hierarchical Contrastive Learning for Pattern-Generalizable Image Corruption Detection

Xin Feng, Yifeng Xu, Guangming Lu, Wenjie Pei; Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV), 2023, pp. 12076-12085


Effective image restoration with large-size corruptions, such as blind image inpainting, entails precise detection of corruption region masks which remains extremely challenging due to diverse shapes and patterns of corruptions. In this work, we present a novel method for automatic corruption detection, which allows for blind corruption restoration without known corruption masks. Specifically, we develop a hierarchical contrastive learning framework to detect corrupted regions by capturing the intrinsic semantic distinctions between corrupted and uncorrupted regions. In particular, our model detects the corrupted mask in a coarse-to-fine manner by first predicting a coarse mask by contrastive learning in low-resolution feature space and then refines the uncertain area of the mask by high-resolution contrastive learning. A specialized hierarchical interaction mechanism is designed to facilitate the knowledge propagation of contrastive learning in different scales, boosting the modeling performance substantially. The detected multi-scale corruption masks are then leveraged to guide the corruption restoration. Detecting corrupted regions by learning the contrastive distinctions rather than the semantic patterns of corruptions, our model has well generalization ability across different corruption patterns. Extensive experiments demonstrate following merits of our model: 1) the superior performance over other methods on both corruption detection and various image restoration tasks including blind inpainting and watermark removal, and 2) strong generalization across different corruption patterns such as graffiti, random noise or other image content. Codes and trained weights are available at https://github.com/xyfJASON/HCL.

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