Audio-Visual Deception Detection: DOLOS Dataset and Parameter-Efficient Crossmodal Learning

Xiaobao Guo, Nithish Muthuchamy Selvaraj, Zitong Yu, Adams Wai-Kin Kong, Bingquan Shen, Alex Kot; Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV), 2023, pp. 22135-22145


Deception detection in conversations is a challenging yet important task, having pivotal applications in many fields such as credibility assessment in business, multimedia anti-frauds, and custom security. Despite this, deception detection research is hindered by the lack of high-quality deception datasets, as well as the difficulties of learning multimodal features effectively. To address this issue, we introduce DOLOS, the largest gameshow deception detection dataset with rich deceptive conversations. DOLOS includes 1,675 video clips featuring 213 subjects, and it has been labeled with audio-visual feature annotations. We provide train-test, duration, and gender protocols to investigate the impact of different factors. We benchmark our dataset on previously proposed deception detection approaches. To further improve the performance by fine-tuning fewer parameters, we propose Parameter-Efficient Crossmodal Learning (PECL), where a Uniform Temporal Adapter (UT-Adapter) explores temporal attention in transformer-based architectures, and a crossmodal fusion module, Plug-in Audio-Visual Fusion (PAVF), combines crossmodal information from audio-visual features. Based on the rich fine-grained audio-visual annotations on DOLOS, we also exploit multi-task learning to enhance performance by concurrently predicting deception and audio-visual features. Experimental results demonstrate the desired quality of the DOLOS dataset and the effectiveness of the PECL. The DOLOS dataset and the source codes are available.

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